Tube Kaboom Review

Tube Kaboom Review

Tube Kaboom

10 days after the new year’s eve, Jason Potash and Jason Katzenback are launching a new service called Tube Kaboom. In this post I’m going to do a detailed review of this service. However, you might be looking for something else. So, if you are looking for the official site of this service click here or if you are looking for a cool Tube Kaboom bonus, go to this page.

As you may have guessed from the name, this service has direct impact on YouTube and video marketing but from the SEO side. how this is possible and what benefits you will get when you become a member is what we will discover in the next few paragraphs.

First, here’s a screen shot from inside the members area to prove that I’m a member of Tube Kaboom and I know what I’m talking about:

Tube Kaboom

What is Tube Kaboom?

Tube Kaboom is a video traffic system that not only submits your videos to the top video directories but also creates backlinks and views to these videos. These links and views will boost rankings for these videos in both video directories (YouTube and others) and in search engines like Google.

How This System Works?

TK system works in a way they call “TubeKaboom Echo Effect”. In simple words let’s suppose you added a video to the system and chose it to be uploaded to YouTube. After video is uploaded here’s how backlinks will be created automatically (please note I’m a platinum member, so what I’m going to say is for this type of membership. I’ll illustrate the differences between the 2 membership types later):

- Video embed code will be added to a circle of niche specific blogs posts with different anchor texts.

- Web 2 and social bookmarking (you’ll have the ability to create your accounts in the dashboard).

- Blog commenting.

- Forum profiles.

- Press Release Kaboom: You have access to PR Kaboom service where you are able to submit press releases to thousands of press release sites as well as media outlets.

- YouTube views: You receive 1000 views every month as a part of your membership (you can purchase more views to any video up to 20k views. 5000 views costs $7.5).


How Would This Generate Traffic?

The main purpose of this system of course is to generate traffic to your videos and subsequently websites, this happens in many ways:

  • BacklinksĀ  boost your video ranking in video directories which generates traffic from these directories directly.
  • These backlinks will also raise your video ranking in search engines which generates more organic traffic.
  • Press releases act as a big direct traffic source as well as powerful backlinks source



Inside Members Area:

Once you log into the members area you will face the “Getting Started (16:59) video” which walks you through the members area so that you are not lost. Also you’ll find the training manual which is a 10 pages PDF illustrating how to use the system and submit videos. Also in each item you’ll see a question “?” mark, click on it and it will tell you what to do and how to use this item.

To the left you will find the different sections where you can create your accounts, submit videos, buy and use YouTube credits and add your spinner info (I don’t recommend this as the auto-spun is crab. Instead I recommend you spin all manually). Note that all submitted items are moderated manually by human reviewers, so you need to ensure you submit high quality.

You have the ability also to create your social accounts, use CAPTCHA services, submit links manually (if you like). A powerful feature is the ability to create sub-accounts to send their info to your freelancers if you want to outsource any task (this protects your main account info from being shared by the freelancer).

You can move from the video dashboard to the press release dashboard to submit your press releases. Also you get “Blog Content Buddy” and “Web Video Kahuna” as gifts with your purchase. In addition to 2 long webinars that show different strategies to get the best out of Tube Kaboom and video marketing in general.


Difference between Standard and Platinum Memberships:

1- Standard members don’t get access to Press Release Kaboom.

2- No auto social bookmarking for standard members.

3- No auto backlinks indexer for standard users.

4- Number of videos promoted per month is 30 for standard and 90 for platinum.

5- Backlinks and traffic potential is 5 times more for platinum members.

6- Price is $29.95/month for standard and $49.95/month for platinum.



1- Buying YouTube views credits is via PayPal, so if you don’t have a PayPal account you can’t buy them (you still get 1000 views per month).

2- Standard members can’t get much benefits like platinum.

3- You need to do some manual spinning (or outsource it) to get the best results.

4- Monthly membership.



1- High traffic potential (Video marketing is considered by most marketers #1 traffic source in 2013).

2- Auto backlinking which improves the ranking of videos.

3- High quality support (I tried them in some of their other products).

4- Using sub-accounts allows you to outsource your tasks without revealing your main info.

5- Reasonable price unlike many other services.

6- Manual human reviewers protects this system from spammers to ensure the best results for members.



Tube Kaboom is a video traffic generation system whether directly by sending video views or linking back to those videos to boost their rankings in video directories and search engines. All you need to do is create accounts once, submit videos and the system will do the rest. You have 2 payment options with some more options for the higher plan. Some reports say that videos will generate 90% of Internet traffic in 2013 which makes a system like this a must for serious Internet marketers. With this said we come to the end of Tube Kaboom review and my last advice to you is to go become a member while it is still available.

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